I Just Laughed and Laughed…

I saw this in a comment on Franklin Graham’s Facebook page.  You remember Franklin.  He’s the son of the Rev. Billy Graham and the one who, when Katie Couric practically begged him to say something comforting when he appeared on TV on the dark day after 9/11, said that he hoped the people in those doomed towers had gotten “right with God” beforehand, or else…you know…they were going to the hot, burny place down below.  I despise that man.  But I loved this.




Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!

From New York Magazine:

Lawmaker Plots Revenge Against SCOTUS by Threatening to Force-feed It Obamacare

In yesterday’s Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, a quite displeased Justice Antonin Scalia smarmed, “We should start calling this law SCOTUScare.”

Texas Representative Brian Babin took this literally, and introduced the SCOTUScare Act yesterday. The bill would force Supreme Court justices to get their work health insurance through Obamacare — just like Congress. “By eliminating their exemption from Obamacare,” he said, “they will see firsthand what the American people are forced to live with!”

If this plan fails to make the justices see the error of their ways, Republican lawmakers will likely resort to poking them with the soft cushions.