Farewell to Summer

From The Daily Kos, by Bill in Maine:

A few reminders on this, the last full day of summer:

• This has been the warmest summer on record. Or, if you prefer, the coolest summer on record in James Inhofe’s imagination.

• The Republican running for president fills his speeches with a string of non-stop lies and his followers love him because he “tells it like it is.”

• The Democrat running for president is generating huge controversy by existing.

• You can still be fired for being gay in 29 states and for being transgender in 32.

• Black lives still don’t matter as much as white lives.

• This…

Sign seen in Alpine, Texas by Kossack foresterbob...October 2014

• The only thing taking over the world faster than robots is pumpkin spice.

• The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act continues to reduce the number of uninsured in America and is growing in popularity. Republicans are starting to want you to forget they ever opposed it.

• A little more mansplaining about ladyparts will cause women to flock to vote Republican in November.

• The world may end on October 31st.

• If the world doesn’t end on October 31st, you’ll probably want to weigh the pros and cons of tossing out the coleslaw in the back of the fridge that expired in June.

Bring on fall.


Wrong End, Guv’nors

Speaking as a former dental hygienist, I’m thankful I was never asked to perform a pap smear, although Gov. Kasich and Gov. Scott seem to believe I’m capable:

“Florida is the latest state attempting to pull funding from Planned Parenthood, passing a bill in the legislature that would ban state agencies from contracting or working with any organization or center that provides abortions for anything beyond extreme circumstances (rape, incest, or risking the health of the mother). Governor Rick Scott has to decide whether he will make like John Kasich and sign it into law.

As expected, the bill’s proponents trotted out their requisite list of alternate qualified healthcare centers during hearings. And as one might guess, the list provides some unlikely sources for women’s healthcare, like podiatrists, optometrists, the Salvation Army, 67 schools ranging from elementary to high schools, and dentists. Presumably Florida lawmakers know that vagina dentata is a myth, and the only thing women’s reproductive health and women’s teeth have in common is, well, being part of a woman.”