Watching the Koi

koi small

I painted this acrylic painting after watching the koi swimming around in a pond in the courtyard of an old building in the town where I live.  The water was a great blue-green, obscuring the fish at times; as did the rocks and plants in the pond.  Koi are so wonderful to watch–almost like a meditation.

6 thoughts on “Watching the Koi

  1. Thank you, Marilyn! This was the first time I’d tried acrylics, so it was definitely a learning experience. 🙂 Great fun, though.


  2. One of my favorite paintings is a water color on rice paper (batik?) done by a friend in Tokyo in 1964. Your Koi looks like it – almost the same colors, the same balance of colors. Your painting is beautiful and if I my new camera arrives before I’ve FORGOTTEN, I’ll send you or post on my ABOUT page so you can see for yourself if it’s similar.


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