Coming Soon—I Tried Being Tasteful…—The Book!

I’m sure there are hordes of people out there (well, maybe three or four) who’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing with myself since my last post a month ago.  And no, I haven’t been doing that, but I have been toiling away at the computer and will be bringing forth the fruits of my labor presently in the form of a compilation of my blog posts from “The Elder Care Underground.”

I got the idea from my good bloggy friend over at Lame Adventures who produced a book of her own with the help of’s Createspace self-publishing website.  I had no clue it was even possible to do this, especially since I was a Word program “virgin.”  (I guess Bristol Palin was right—we can get our virginity back!)  But Amazon makes it relatively easy with templates to download and a book cover creator that’s fun to use.

Virginia at L.A. had hoped to publish her book by the last holiday season but had to shoot for allergy season instead.  I had hoped to publish mine by my birthday this year—which is today, coincidentally—but I’m shooting for one of my birthdays this century.  Actually, I’m waiting for another printed proof to arrive and hope to approve the whole enchilada shortly thereafter.  Then it should go “live” on Amazon’s website for the low, low price of $9.95 plus shipping.  I plan to have it available on Kindle also, for you advanced individuals who know how to run one of those.

I’m kind of a Luddite when it comes to electronics and prefer to have a physical book in hand.  Maybe it goes back to when I was in school in the Dark Ages and we would get mimeographed hand out sheets from the teacher and we all would swoon from the smell of the ink they used.

Anyway, stay tuned for further updates.  I have to say it is a real hoot to see my name on an actual book—even a 6″ x 9″ trade paperback as this one will be.

God bless technology.  (And the folks who make ink.)


22 thoughts on “Coming Soon—I Tried Being Tasteful…—The Book!

  1. TTPT, welcome to the world of self-pubbing! You’re now officially an author. Funny thing: We went to the same high school, although I was a few grades ahead of you. I found your blog when I was researching the subject of H-bees for my coming-of-age novel. That’s how I discovered we both lived in Downey. I look forward to reading your book. Keep me posted. Carol


    • How nice of you to stop by and comment! If you were a few grades ahead of me, you probably knew my brother, Tim. He was the Fabian Forte look-alike who now resembles a David Crosby look-alike. 🙂 That whole H-bee thing has been a revelation. It’s sad to think they’re an almost extinct species now since they were so prevalent when we were kids. I remember leading mine around with a “leash” made from a thread. Always good to hear from a fellow Warren High grad!


  2. A: I loved the yeasty smell of the mimeos

    B: Kindle is just like a book for which one turns the page with a button. New Kindle users report (as I do) the gesture of “turning a page” is so ingrained, one continues to reach up to the top-right. This phenomenon lasts about two weeks…

    C: Kindle allows you to “find” things in the book — who X is (sister? best-friend? high school nemesis?); copyright date (original date will clue you in as to why there are no cell phones, laptops, etc) and even find meanings of words that you have never, not in your lifetime, ever encountered.

    D: Congratulations! My interest is piqued — for your book and for my own desire to publish. Thank you.


    This book is such a wonderful idea, I am anxious for reading it. I have always, really enjoyed all your blogs, especially the Elder Care Underground, and hoped you were saving all of them for a book. :o)

    This will be great and fun — please keep us updated on the progress as you get it done. And, btw, hope you are having a wonderful day today. This is also my daughter’s birthday – 2 Geminis — great people. ♥


  4. *The four nicest people you’ve ever met* — LOL
    I have never heard it put that way that before, but love it.


  5. Happy birthday and congratulations on joining the world, or soon joining the world, of the self published! I love your wit and your mother was quite a character. It would be interesting to have known what she would have thought about you taking this plunge … Then again, maybe not. Thanks for the shout out!


  6. the Eldercare Underground must be published! delighted that you’re taking this on – i will buy a copy, and one for my niece! also, happy belated birthday! we are birth-month sisters! i shouldn’t be surprised, i suppose! rock on, ms. texas trailer park trash!


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