Mr. Trump? Papers, please….

Whiplash inducing quotes of the day from Donald Trump, who, when asked by Larry King if Mexican-Americans have reason to be distainful of the new law in Arizona giving police the right to stop anyone that they think might be in the country illegally, said this:  

TRUMP: Well, I can see that, but if you think about it, and nobody wants to say it, you have a Mexican-American, and then you have a blonde guy walking down the street, well Mexico doesn’t have a lot of blondes, okay? And these are the people who are coming across the border.

KING: But do you favor stopping people on the street?

TRUMP: What are you going to do? I mean, are you going to stop people to see if they’re supposed to be there? And personally as a citizen I wouldn’t mind, I really wouldn’t mind.

KING: [to Melania] Would you mind if people from Slovenia were stopped if they looked funny?

M. TRUMP: Well, I think everybody needs to have papers, you know, and be legally here. We need to have papers if we go anywhere else in the world, so people need to have also the papers here.

6 thoughts on “Mr. Trump? Papers, please….

  1. A state Rep from Tyler claims he’s going to introduce a similar bill in January when the lege meets again.

    Has he looked around Austin when he’s here? How can he tell who is an illegal alien and who isn’t? Just by looking. And what about the UT foreign students? Are they going to get harassed if this law passes?

    This is nuts, NUTS, NUTZ!!!!


  2. Daisyfae–I think Donald’s hair needs papers of its own. It shouldn’t be allowed in this country without some kind of permit.

    Stacy–Does the GOP have a suicide wish? With all the Hispanics in Texas, what could they possibly be thinking? That this will garner them more votes??


  3. Honey, I would like nothing better than for the GOP to drum up a really good suicide wish and continue to spread it around from state to state…more power to ’em in that effort.

    Clearly Donald didn’t make his money by being smart, so what other MO was at work there? Maybe something along the lines of a Maddoff or a FAB Fab? I’d stay out of the limelight right now if I was The Donald.


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