Oh,no! Snow?

Okay, Sunday the temperature was around 70 degrees and sunny. 

Yesterday it was about 52 with clear skies. 

This morning it’s 32 and snowing. 

Only in Texas do you get whiplash weather!

Here are some photos I took around 8:30 this morning.  Click on each photo for an enlarged view.  (If you want to.  Just sayin’.) 

And all you folks in Canada and other more northern climes, y’all don’t go laughing at us because we go bananas over a couple of inches of the white stuff!

Looking out from our front porch toward the road.

The view across the driveway toward the south.

Our Texas flag bench under the trees. Don't think I'll be sitting there right now.

The pool area. Anyone for a dip?

"Honey, would you bring me some ice for my tea?"

Looking across the field to the south.

Out the back door toward the horse shed.

Roady the snow inspector. "What the...?!"

"White Cat in the Snow" or Roady's nemesis, aptly named Nemesis.

At 10:00 it’s still snowing, but the sun is trying to come out.  That’s Texas!

3 thoughts on “Oh,no! Snow?

    • Thanks Moe–that was an interesting post. I found it incredible that Stack’s daughter would call his killing an innocent man only “inappropriate.” When you belch at the dinner table, that’s inappropriate. Deliberately flying your plane (with an extra drum of fuel on board) into a federal building with the intent to cause as much loss of life as possible is terrorism, not inappropriateness.


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