Early Bird Special

My husband and I went to a school function this morning for our granddaughter who’s in first grade.  She and her brother attend a small private school, one which has a fantastic curriculum with a particular emphasis on reading and the arts.  (Some of the kids’ paintings would put many adult would-be artists to shame—myself included.)

Today’s special program was a puppet show presented by the first graders.  It was an adaptation of the story “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.”  Each child in the class had a role and created his or her own puppet to go with it.  Our granddaughter, S., was chosen by the teacher as one of the two narrators of the story.  Her best friend, C.K., was the other one. 

Wow, can these kids read!  They stood up to the microphone and did an excellent job—even when the microphone started blaring feedback shortly after S. started.  Luckily, that was corrected and S. continued with her narration, completely unfazed by the air raid siren volume of racket that so rudely interrupted her.  I was exceedingly proud of her.  I told her teacher that only a couple of years ago S. was a shy little flower who didn’t want anyone to look at her and got very upset if she thought anyone might be laughing at her. 

Today, she was Ethel Merman on Broadway.  Way to go!

The puppet show was scheduled for 11:00 am and since we live about eleven miles outside of town we calculated that we should leave home about 10:20 to give us enough time to get to the school before the show started.  (I hate to be one of those people who comes straggling in after something has already begun.  Maybe it’s because everyone turns around and looks at you—gee, I wonder where S. got her phobia about not wanting to be looked at?  Hmmm…..)

It turns out we left home a little early, about 10:15, so we arrived at the school just a bit after 10:30—way too soon because the kids were out on the playground and there weren’t many other cars in the vicinity that looked like they belonged to fellow puppet show attendees.   We sat there for a minute and then decided we’d go to the post office and pick up our mail first and then come back.

My husband asked “Why is it old people are always early to everything and young people are always late?”

I just looked at him and replied “It’s because young people have a life.”

But, if we did have a life, we might have been too busy to see Ethel…er…S. in her big performance. 

I much prefer it this way.  Here’s to the Early Birds.

7 thoughts on “Early Bird Special

  1. crap. i must be old, too – always early for things like this, then find myself either sitting in my car with my blackberry killing time, or figuring out errands i can run…

    congrats on little Ethel Merman! if they can get past that public speaking phobia at an early age? it will serve them well in life!


    • Welcome to the old farts’ club, daisyfae! Yeah, I’ve got to hand it to S.’s school for having every kid involved in all the school presentations—singing, recitations, acting, etc., from kindergarten on up. They all learn that they can do that, with no one kid or group of kids being the “stars” over the others.


  2. WOW! WOW! and WOWIE!!!!!
    I am sooo happy to find another out-of-the-closet self proclaimed trailerpark trash woman!!!
    And, we have something else in common besides our trashiness (BTW…do you have any idea how many people are jealous of us white trash chicks? I just tell ’em…”Don’t hate me cause ya ain’t me!)….back to what we have in common. I have two grandkids that go to a private school, too. One of the luxuries of being white trash with money. And, I agree with you….these small private schools provide an education that the public schools cannot begin to come close to. My grand-daughter is in 3rd grade and they have started doing algebra! Can you believe that?
    And, on Easter, my 3 yr old grandson told me that he wanted to sing me his song that he had learned the week before that. Can you image my surprise when he broke out in a very good rendition of….get this….
    “What can wash away my sins?
    Nothing but the blood of Jesus!”

    Now, you ain’t gonna hear that sung in no public school assemblies. My goodness, they are almost not allowed to whisper the name of God in those schools.

    Anyway, didn’t mean to write my biography here. Just sooo excited to find a kindred spirit. Enoyed your blog quite a bit. And, if you are wondering how I found you, it was thru your remark to Crabby Old Fart’s post. Ain’t he a hoot and a half????

    Keep up the great writing!!!! We need to educate the public on our white trash lives.


    • Thanks, Trailerparkbarbie! Yes, being white trash with money certainly is preferable to the alternative. I can afford to have more junk cars decaying on the lawn and six dogs lying on the porch instead of two.

      On Easter my grandson asked why Memaw doesn’t go to church. I didn’t have the heart to tell him Memaw is an orthodox agnostic and destined to burn in the lake of eternal fire. Didn’t want to ruin our nice taco dinner.

      I have a secret crush on the Crabby Old Fart too. When he said he wanted to be cremated and have his ashes fired out of a cannon aimed at the local high school, he won my heart. Thanks for stopping by!


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